Sample Request

Sample Request

Hello Buyers,

We know how you’d like to “feel” the product before you make your first step with us, especially when we introduce new developments but you are just too busy to visit us at participating tradeshows, we totally understand and that’s why we offer you a chance to see/try/feel the actual product absolutely free at the comfort of your home/store.

Please fill out the request form and we will send you the requested sample(s) and you can just return them by using the return label in the package. It’s so simple, hassle free, and FREE!! (Click here for terms & conditions)

*Please note: Free sample request is only offered to stores within U.S. at the present time, we hope to offer to international buyers soon.

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For any particular styles you wish to review, please enter the style# below, we will try to send you in the size you choose (if available). Please find the style# located on each product page, separated by a "-" if there will be more than one request.

Styles# & Size: click here to view the styles

As our goods arrive in a pre-pack condition, if we do not have the style in your choice of size, we’ll send you the size available in a random style with the fit and wash (color) you’ve selected.

Our customer care will contact you within 72 hours to confirm your request, if needed.

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